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<tfo> remix of Daddy’s Crime ft. Smokey Robinson premieres on Vice

Vice recently premiered the <tfo> remix of Daddy’s song Crime, which features guest vocals by legendary Motown artist Smokey Robinson.  Franco directed the video, which features footage shot during the making of Harmony Korine’s“Spring Breakers,” a film in which Franco also stars. The grainy clip shows Franco in character as drug dealer Alien grooming four bikini-clad college girls (played by Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine) for a life of crime. The actresses also appeared on the cover of Daddy’s debut release — the MotorCity EP — last fall.

“Harmony said this is like druggy porn soul,” says Franco. “This video uses the Harinezumi cameras that Benoit Debie and Harmony mounted on the 35mm camera while we made ‘Spring Breakers.’ Here you get a completely different Alien — the music and the edit get underneath his skin and show his ‘sensitive side.'”

The Daddy Motorcity EP featuring this remix is available here.


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