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Flashback: <tfo> side project: The Bloodless Coup 2003 – 2006 unreleased studio works

Between 2003 and 2006, <tfo> was a three piece made up of Timothy O’Keefe (electronics/production), Ryan Rooney (guitars), and Matt Everett (Strings).  During this time, <tfo> performed a many improvisational performances at numerous music venues, clubs, festivals, and warehouse parties.  These performances were key in development of a beautiful chemistry between all three members, each bringing a unique musical history, style, and set of influences to the <tfo> sound.

These performances also generated the essential elements of the <tfo> sound, which would then be brought into the studio, and act as the building blocks for a diverse set of songs.  The Bloodless Coup compilation features many of the unreleased songs <tfo> produced during this period.  They truly combine a range of influences including electronic, electro-acoustic, Arabic, Eastern, downtempo, hip-hop, funk, punk, dance, ambient, chillout, and mash-up.


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