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Flashback: <tfo>’s 2003 debut release Surface_Sounds

In 2003, <tfo> released their debut album entitled Surface_Sounds, a lush ambient and downtempo flavored collection of tracks.  At the time <tfo> was the work of solo composer/producer Timothy O’Keefe, but collaborations that took place as a result of the Surface_Sounds’ recording sessions would eventually lead to Matthew Everett and Ryan Rooney becoming full-fledged members of <tfo>. Many live performances and studio sessions soon followed.  Since then <tfo> has gone through a number of forms due to members relocating to other parts of the country, and thier own creative endeavors going off in different directions.  Since December of 2010, Matthew rejoined <tfo> as a full-time member, and together with Tim, composed the score for James Franco’s Endless Idaho.  They are currently working hard in the studio on additional soundtrack work, a full-length <tfo> album (due for release in late Spring), and a Motown inspired music project with James Franco.  Stay tuned…. much to come in 2012.

You can purchase Surface_Sounds on iTunes, and most other major digital retailers.


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