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Performing Live Soundscapes for James Franco’s Collage Performance in NYC

I am currently in NYC performing live soundscapes for Collage, James Franco’s dance-theater directorial debut.  The show’s producer John Morrow describes Collage as “a mixed-media piece that uses sound and visuals to play with the idea of how different art mediums interact. Using video, dance, poetry, theatre and music, we have created a performance that will be an engaging experience for the audience.”

The interesting thing about doing soundscapes/sound design for this show is that sound is used in a very different way than more traditional approaches to sound in a show.  In those instances, the sonic component either creates a foundation or adds to the dramatic moments of a scene and its characters.  In Collage, the sound is generated, manipulated, and performed live in response to the actors and dancers.  In this instance, the sound takes on a character of its own.  It is no longer a static component to the piece, but an always changing acting, and reacting dynamic one.

Here’s a recent write-up about the show on the Gothamist blog

Stay tuned for samples of the Collage soundscapes.


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